Tom Kok & Britt Hatzius, Micro Events

Agenda May 2015


Tom Kok - Jan Willem Deiman at Utrechtdownunder onder controle - Première Opera Private View - Micro Events in Martigues - Lawrence Malstaf in Vormidable: Contemporary Flemish Sculpture - New Acquisition: Jacques Charlier in permanent collection MuZee.

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Private View

News Annelies Van Parys


Première Opera Private View - Première Field Recordings

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David Bowen, Cloud Piano, 2014

News April 2015


New Website David Bowen - Tele-present water in Big Bang Data, Madrid - Beyond the Buzz, Minneapolis - Tele-present water in Infosphere- groupshow at ZKM.

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Lawrence Malstaf, Scenography for Oz

News March 2015


Lawrence Malstaf, Pavilion and scenography for Oz - Vienna for Art's Sake! - Anneleen De Causmaecker & Barbara Ardenois at De Bijloke -Jacques Charlier in De Zee, Salut d'Honneur Jan Hoet - Lawrence Malstaf, Homo Religiosus at Perspektivet Museum.

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Lawrence Malstaf, Event Horizon, 02015

News February 2015


During 25 years Galerie Fortlaan 17 offered a varied programme of international contemporary art. After the decision to end the gallery's way of operating, Ischa Tallieu now proudly presents the first Newsletter of TALLIEU ART OFFICE. We are looking forward to keeping you updated & informed in the future!

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