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News July 2017: Lawrence Malstaf in São Paulo (BR)
Lawrence Malstaf - The poetics of immersion
FILE SOLO at CCBB, São Paulo (BR)
22 July 2017
until 18 September 2017
CCBB - São Paulo (BR)

FILE - Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica  and CCBB come together to present an individual exhibition by the Belgian artist Lawrence Malstaf, opening on 22 July 2017, as the inaugural show of FILE SOLO, confirming the expansion of FILE Festival, that is now in its 18th year.

FILE SOLO - Lawrence Malstaf - The Poetics of Immersion

Since its first year, in 2000, FILE has staged collective exhibitions, with the intention of demonstrating the diversity of expression found in technology-based art and providing a wide-ranging view of the production from each period and from different countries through the poetic development of each artist. Over the last 18 years, however, numerous digital artists have developed consistent and cohesive work along the lines of innovation and creativity.

Aligned with this movement, the International Festival of Electronic Language has created a project exclusively for the CCBB-SP, called the FILE SOLO, that aims to display a set of works by a specific artist, and explore the interdisciplinary relationship between technology and creativity.

This new type of show, FILE SOLO, that will be inaugurated with the Lawrence Malstaf - The poetics of immersion exhibition on July 22, will display six installations by the Belgian artist on the ground floor and three other floors of the historic CCBB - SP building.

Even though digital art and transdisciplinarity in the arts is a new field of knowledge - dating from the 1990s - it can be said that a number of artists have firmly established themselves in the area, as is the case with Malstaf. He works in the inter-relationship of the visual arts with performance, using technology as inspiration for his projects. The FILE SOLO project has decided to present the rise of Lawrence Malstaf due to the interdisciplinary and innovative nature of his poetics. The development of the artist’s work over the past 20 years relates to the coming of age of the FILE festival, now in its 18th year. Lawrence’s work straddles various languages, and today combines works that consider the role of the viewer, challenging them to take an active part in the pieces”, explains the organizer of FILE, Paula Perissinotto.

FILE SOLO - Lawrence Malstaf
CCBB - São Paulo
FILE Festival 2017 - Bubbling Universes
Lawrence Malstaf
Lawrence Malstaf with 'Overview' in Bubbling Universes
FILE São Paulo 2017 - groupexhibition
18 July 2017
until 3 September 2017
Fiesp Cultural Center, São Paulo (BR)

Bubbling Universes - "The emergence of social networks has led to a multiplicity of events on a scale never seen before. The unchecked proliferation of information has now reached an astonishing level and is stored in an unprecedented amount of storage, accessed by thousands of networked data devices. This exponential increase in accessible information overwhelms us all in an incessant and overwhelming flow of concepts, images, opinions and desires. No one is exempt from this cross-contamination, no discipline succeeds in remaining within set boundaries. The proliferation of worlds and tendencies carries us into an indeterminate plurality. All and everything is expanding, like a star in its Red Giant phase, ready to explode at any time. What was immense and infinite has become small when faced with the multiverse. We live in an age of bubbling universes." 
Paula Perissinotto and Ricardo Barreto (FILE Founders and Organizers)

FILE São Paulo 2017 - Bubbling Universes

Overview, 02016 by Lawrence Malstaf: Astronauts who were able to observe planet Earth from outer space for the first time, all experienced a strong emotional reaction later called the overview effect. A euphoric feeling of oneness with the planet and all living beings as a collective biotope where ‘my molecules are yours’ and vice versa and individuality seems an illusion. 
'Overview' consists of a motorized video screen that can slowly pan, tilt and lift. The screen is 3m x 4m wide and has LED light on the backside. An abstracted globe is projected on the front.

FILE Festival 2017 - Bubbling Universes
FILE SOLO - Lawrence Malstaf
Lawrence Malstaf
Lawrence Malstaf, Overview, 02016
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