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From gallery to art office

Tallieu Art Office works in various fields such as visual, installation and new media art, contemporary classical music, sound art, music and performing arts with a special interest in transdisciplinary projects and a focus on selection, promotion, exhibitions, networking, consultancy, expertise and representation.

With the ambition to explore new paths and to extend its activities beyond the traditional concept of an art gallery, Tallieu Art Office & Ischa Tallieu continue to build upon the experience and achievements within the context of a promotion gallery. 

From 1989 until 2014, Galerie Fortlaan 17 earned its position in the contemporary arts world, constantly reinforcing its reputation thanks to high-profile exhibitions, projects, publications, involvement in international art fairs, performances, debates and lectures. 

David Bowen, flyAI, 2016

News & Agenda September 2018


A Two Dogs Company / Kris Verdonck at Het TheaterFestival, Nederlands Theater Festival and Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie - Annelies Van Parys at Concertgebouw Brugge - David Bowen with flyAI at Centrum Nauki Kopernik - Warsaw, with tele-present water at Fondation Groupe EDF - Paris, with tele-present wind at Azkuna Zentroa - Bilbao, with fly revolver at Beijing Media Art Biennale - CAFAM and a one-person exhibition at Granoff Center for the Creative Arts at Brown University - Providence

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Stief Desmet


It is not painting or sculpture that drives Stief Desmet, but ‘shaping’ stories by means of images. Strong images that are recuperated, de-constructed and re-constructed in paintings, sculpture, video and performances. His tools are the images that surround us, from daily life, to art his- tory, to fairy-tales, ... Layer upon layer images are sampled to finally create an image that is a complex combination of multiple impulses. Daily visual, aural or tangible stimuli feed his art. He uses a growing repertoire of powerful, familiar images that allow easy association for all. It’s all about prototypes, templates stored in the collective minds, depicted through simple silhouettes. The image is almost the same as its value, like in a rebus. The shape of a story always starts out very clear. The pure and often idyllic shape and meaning of the icons put the story in motion, followed by an impulsive and intuitive process of building, searching and destroying. We can see a house in the forest, a shepherd dog in the dark, a landscape, a deer, a lion, ... Stief Desmet is hovering between two worlds: the ‘urban’ life he faces every day, a context that is both familiar and inspiring, but which also makes him longing for that other more ‘natural’ world. This escapism is clearly present in his work. From this fundamental restlessness the artist creates and balances on the thin line between both worlds.

Stief Desmet

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