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News & Agenda November 2017
Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf
Event Horizon
KIKK Festival 2017
2 November 2017
until 11 November 2017
Galerie du Beffroi, Namur (B)

Between poetry and technology, artists are revealing the invisible, they tell us stories awaking our senses and showing possible worlds. The artworks disturb our reason and play with the imaginary, a visual, acoustic, luminous, geometric, tangible, abstract or hypnotic travel in the world of Invisible Narratives.

Event Horizon 02015 - Dust particle are suspended in a light beam which is slowly scanning a dark room. Visitors can enter wearing a protective gas mask and witness the silent complexity of matter with millions of fragments forming a temporary micro universe. Remote sounds of human masses and activity fill the otherwise empty room.

KIKK Festival 2017

Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf, Event Horizon, 02015
Lawrence Malstaf
KIKK Festival 2017
2 November 2017 - 14:00
until 4 November 2017 - 20:20
Eglise d'Harscamp, Namur (B)

At KIKK Festival 2017 there will be a programme of performances with 6 times Shrink and the bodies of 6 performers.

Shrink 01995 - Two large, transparent plastic sheets and a device that gradually sucks the air out from between them leave the body vacuum-packed and vertically suspended. The transparent tube inserted between the two surfaces allows the person inside the installation to regulate the flow of air. As a result of the increasing pressure between the plastic sheets, the surface of the packed body gradually freezes into multiple micro-folds. For the duration of the performance the person inside moves slowly and changes positions, which vary from an almost embryonic position to one resembling a crucified body.

KIKK Festival 2017

Lawrence Malstaf, Shrink 01995
David Bowen
Infrared Drawing Device
Drawn from a score
Beall Center for Art + Technology - Los Angeles (USA)

until 3 February 2018

infrared drawing device by David Bowen uses four infrared sensors to detect people as they move in front of it. The sensors are programmed to move a drawing arm in real time creating a charcoal drawing based on a participants' movements.

Beall Center for Art + Technology

David Bowen, infrared drawing device, 2003
Mental Overdrive
New Release

The new album Epilogue by Mental Overdrive was recently released through Prins Thomas’ label Rett i Fletta and will be followed by a string of live shows throughout 2018. 

Club meant electronica with gloomy and mystical sounds between kraut disco and raw techno.

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Mental Overdrive, Epilogue
Amund Sjølie Sveen - Lawrence Malstaf - Slagr
Performing Arts Festival Showbox
28 November 2017
until 29 November 2017
Black Box Theatre, Oslo (NO)

MELTING is a collaboration of Amund Sjølie Sveen with installation artist Lawrence Malstaf, and the musicians of Slagr.
MELTING is three things at the same time; its a lecture, its a concert and its theater. MELTING is political analysis, fragile music played on wineglasses, and a slowly rotating canvas that fills the space with its poetic weightlessness. 
MELTING has the ambition to both enlighten and give space for contemplating your own life and choices; the small human and the big system. Wether you leave it calm or impatient when it comes to humankinds common future, you have hopefully become a bit wiser.


Lawrence Malstaf
FILE Festival Brasilia
CCBB, Brasilia (BR)

until 9 December 2017

The theme Electronic Art in the Disruptive Age was chosen specifically for FILE Festival’s first edition in Brasilia. It presents innovative works which are arranged in four different groups – or aspects – which represent new behaviors in the contemporary world: Experiential Body, Kinetic Body, Virtual Body, and Playful Body.

Shrink 01995 
Lawrence Malstaf
FILE Brasilia

Lawrence Malstaf, Shrink 01995
Jacques Charlier
Une Rétrospective
La Panacée, Montpellier (FR)

until 14 January 2018

Jacques Charlier - Une Rétrospective 
curated by Nicolas Bourriaud.
The Belgian artist Jacques Charlier is one of the pioneers of European conceptual art in which he has integrated humor and comics, but also a professional life and rock - he has released several post-punk albums at the end of the 1970s. Starting from a critical sociology of the art world, Jacques Charlier evolved into a complex and unclassifiable art that evokes the spirit of Francis Picabia while anticipating the American art of the 1990s and especially Mike Kelley.
His work sheds a decisive light on the relations between Europe and the United States in the 1960s, before continuing with total eccentricity in relation to the art of his time.
This is the first retrospective of the artist in France.

La Panacée

Jacques Charlier, Peinture Magnétique, 1993
Lawrence Malstaf: The poetics of immersion
Publication FILE SOLO 2017

Lawrence Malstaf: The poetics of immersion 
by Paula Perissinotto & Ricardo Barreto.
FILE SOLO 2017 – Exhibition. 
Installations: 6 works with their own texts. “The edginess of the body” by Pieter T’Jonck. 
“A state of pure observation” by Steven Sourbron. “Lawrence Malstaf interviewed by Dominique Moulon”. “Man/Machine – or how to reassemble the globe. A short reflection on Lawrence Malstaf and his art practice” by Tale Næss. “That which lies in-between. Reflection after collaboration: A conversation with the artist Lawrence Malstaf” by Astri Fremmerlid.


Lawrence Malstaf: The poetics of immersion
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