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News & Agenda October 2017
Haugen Productions - Lawrence Malstaf - Per Martinsen/Mental Overdrive
Dansens Hus
28 September 2017
until 1 October 2017
Dansens Hus, Oslo (NO)

Dance by Liv Hanne Haugen and electronic sounds, performed live by one of Norways leading and internationally acclaimed electronic musicians Per Martinsen, communicate abstractly and open - sometimes violently and loud, other times soft and quiet, with each other, always in presence of the sound of breathing. Visual artist Lawrence Malstaf is manipulating, pulling and re-shaping the bubble in a dance that also makes the audience move. Textfragments by Vibeke Thorp.
Finally the audience has the chance to monitor their own breath standing side by side on a line while dropping pebbles in a papercup leaving us wondering how many more breaths to go. 

Dansens Hus

Het Kanaal
Annelies Van Parys - Gaea Schoeters - Anneleen De Causmaecker
Theater aan het Vrijthof
1 October 2017 - 15:30
Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht (NL)

On a beach near Calais a young refugee prepares himself to swim across the Channel, towards his new future. 
The new text by author Gaea Schoeters is mirrored by recently recovered Shakespeare-text. Composer Annelies Van Parys uses the Shakespeare-text as a libretto for a cycle of songs, which set the refugee theme in a historical perspective. 
Scenography by Anneleen De Causmaecker.

- the show is performed in Dutch but subtitled in English - 

Tickets: Theater aan het Vrijthof

Muziektheater Transparant
Queer Arts Festival
Het Geluid Maastricht
Operadagen Rotterdam

Het Kanaal ©Koen Broos
Lawrence Malstaf
Nemo Observatorium 02002
Nuit Blanche Brussels - Power Games
7 October 2017 - 19:00
until 8 October 2017 - 02:00
Galerie du Parlement, Brussels (B)

A transparent cylinder, polystyrene particles and five fans… The instantly spectacular installation is in fact a hypnotic machine encouraging meditation. Nemo Observatorium 02002 can be watched from a seat placed inside the whirlpool or outside of the tube. Everything is calm and peaceful in the eye of the storm. Spectators can follow the circular movement of the balls, concentrating on the threedimensional forms they draw or listen to the cascade-like sound they make. Lawrence Malstaf challenges them to remain calm and focused in a constantly changing environment.

Nuit Blanche Brussels
Nemo Observatorium 02002

Lawrence Malstaf, Nemo Observatorium, 02002
Per Martinsen/Mental Overdrive
DJ set

- 7 October 2017:
Youth Peace Concert, Sogndal (NO)
- 14 October 2017: 
Lights Off Festival, Tromsø (NO)

Per Martinsen is not only a Norwegian Grammy Award winner, but an experience, a state of mind-Mental Overdrive! Originally from the Arctic town of Tromsø, Northern Norway, as an artist and producer, he is known for innovative, laid back and masterful control of a good mixing desk which resonates with a personal electronic and non electronic musical signature. Per’s mission is engaged in several projects touching other fields of art, namely installations, film and writing.

Mental Overdrive

Mental Overdrive
Jacques Charlier
Une Rétrospective
La Panacée
13 October 2017
until 14 January 2018
La Panacée -
MoCo – Montpellier Contemporain (FR)

Jacques Charlier - Une Rétrospective 
curated by Nicolas Bourriaud 

The Belgian artist Jacques Charlier is one of the pioneers of European conceptual art in which he has integrated humor and comics, but also a professional life and rock - he has released several post-punk albums at the end of the 1970s. 
Starting from a critical sociology of the art world, Jacques Charlier evolved into a complex and unclassifiable art that evokes the spirit of Francis Picabia while anticipating the American art of the 1990s and especially Mike Kelley.
His work sheds a decisive light on the relations between Europe and the United States in the 1960s, before continuing with total eccentricity in relation to the art of his time.
This is the first retrospective of the artist in France.

Recent works of Jacques Charlier will be presented at Aperto in Montpellier from 14 October until 4 November 2017.

La Panacée  

Jacques Charlier, Peinture Magnétique, 1993
Lawrence Malstaf
Shrink 01995
12 October 2017
until 9 December 2017
CCBB, Brasilia (BR)

The theme ‘Electronic Art in the Disruptive Age’ was chosen specifically for FILE Festival’s first edition in Brasilia. It presents innovative works which are arranged in four different groups – or aspects – which represent new behaviors in the contemporary world: Experiential Body, Kinetic Body, Virtual Body, and Playful Body.

FILE Brasilia
Shrink 01995

Haugen Productions - Lawrence Malstaf - Per Martinsen/Mental Overdrive
Insomnia Festival
21 October 2017
until 22 October 2017
Kongsbakken, Skolegata 16, Tromsø (NO)

Dance by Liv Hanne Haugenelectronic sounds, performed live by Per Martinsen in a Bubble-installation by Lawrence Malstaf. Textfragments by Vibeke Thorp.


Lawrence Malstaf: The poetics of immersion
New Publication

Lawrence Malstaf: The poetics of immersion” by Paula Perissinotto & Ricardo Barreto.
 FILE SOLO 2017 – Exhibition. 
Installations: 6 works with their own texts. “The edginess of the body” by Pieter T’Jonck. 
“A state of pure observation” by Steven Sourbron. “Lawrence Malstaf interviewed by Dominique Moulon”. “Man/Machine – or how to reassemble the globe. A short reflection on Lawrence Malstaf and his art practice” by Tale Næss. “That which lies in-between. Reflection after collaboration: A conversation with the artist Lawrence Malstaf” by Astri Fremmerlid.

Editorial Concept: 
Paula Perissinotto and Ricardo Barreto
Design: André Lenz
Year: 2017
Pages: 124


Conversation: Lawrence Malstaf and Ischa Tallieu with the public. FILE SOLO 2017 at CCBB São Paulo ©Camila Picolo
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