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Amund Sjølie Sveen & Lawrence Malstaf

MELTING is an investigation of various questions related to the scientific, economic and psychological reasons for, and consequences of, our presumed current climate crisis.
As a consequence of his work Economic Theory for Dummies (2013) - which examines our current economic system, its background, development and function - Amund Sjølie Sveen now presents MELTING, moving further into climate problems, the last 30 years of aggressive, deregulated finance capitalism, and our possible common future: 

  • If we accept that global warming exists and is manmade, what implications does it have for how we organize our lives and society? 
  • What happens when ice 
  • What happens when economies melt? 
  • What happens when society, welfare, social relations, public art funding and human future melt? 
  • And afterwards, when everything is melted, then what?

Performance: Amund Sjølie Sveen
Installation: Lawrence Malstaf: What first looks like a standard lecture set up, with the large permanent projection screen placed in the center, will slowly change throughout the performance. The screen is gradually transformed into an evolving installation which slowly rotates, moves, lifts and descends over and between the performers on stage. 
Music by Slagr 
Language: English

22 April 2016 - 19:00
until 23 April 2016 - 19:00
BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen (NO)
BIT Teatergarasjen
Lawrence Malstaf_MELTING_02016
Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf
Event Horizon
Mapping Festival, Geneva (CH)
28 April 2016
until 8 May 2016
Le Commun, Geneva (CH)

In the installation Event Horizon, dust particles are suspended in a beam of light that is slowly scanning a dark room. Visitors are invited to wear a protective gas mask and, thus made conscious of their own breath, witness the silent complexity of matter with millions of fragments forming a temporary micro-universe. Matter is taking centre stage, dancing in the light and airstreams of the black box, with remote sounds of human masses and activity filling the otherwise empty room.

Mapping Festival
Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf_Event Horizon_0215
Lawrence Malstaf
Mirror & Shrink
SPOR Festival 2016, Aarhus (DK)
12 May 2016
until 2 June 2016
Udstillingsstedet Spanien 19C, Aarhus (DK)
Dokk1, Aarhus (DK)

Mirror 02002: A dark room with a large vibrating mirror deforms the reflection of the visitor. At first the vibrations are so subtle that you might wonder if it are your own eyes that are having trouble to focus. But gradually it becomes more obvious that the mirror is actually moving and mutating the mirror image into a Francis Bacon portrait. Yet the visual impression is so real that some people feel the urge to check if their body is actually decomposing or not. In the end the body evaporates and disappears.

Shrink 01995: Two large, transparent plastic sheets and a device that gradually sucks the air out from between them leave the body (in this case the artist himself) vacuum-packed and vertically suspended. The transparent tube inserted between the two surfaces allows the person inside the installation to regulate the flow of air. As a result of the increasing pressure between the plastic sheets, the surface of the packed body gradually freezes into multiple micro-folds. For the duration of the performance the person inside moves slowly and changes positions, which vary from an almost embryonic position to one resembling a crucified body.
Performances on 11 & 14 May 2016.

SPOR Festival
Lawrence Malstaf_Mirror_02002
Lawrence Malstaf
Hybrid Matters
19 March 2016
until 8 May 2016
Kunsthal Grenland, Porsgrunn (NO)

Lawrence Malstaf his proposal FOLDING stems from a research project on traditional origami techniques and contemporary 3D modeling software and explores the borderline between representation and abstraction. The aim is to accumulate a series of full scale kinetic sculptures based on 3D scans of the exhibition visitors. The sculptures expand and shrink according to motion patterns of the public in the space. Thus the visitors are reanimating the abstracted models of earlier visitors and create a responsive choir of breathing avatars. A metaphor for the blurring boundaries between animate nature and inanimate simulation and modeling technology.

Hybrid Matters
FOLDING - video
Lawrence Malstaf_Folding_02016
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