Teun Vonk, A Sense of Gravity, 2019


Being submerged by so many different kinds of art, artists, art events, art fairs, auction houses and institutions, ... it happens that one cannot see the forest for the trees in the contemporary art world. We can guide you to make you discover the landscape of the art world thanks to our yearlong experience and a well-trained eye. We look for quality and we try not be blinded by trends.

Website Lawrence Malstaf

Promotion & Communication

We promote artists & art organisations and we support artists from different fields: visual arts, installation art, sound art, music, contemporary classical music, performing arts,  ... to develop their careers on a national and international level. We look for relevant locations, adapted to the needs of the artists and we aim to work together with different spaces from alternative to institutional.

Tallieu Art Office teams up with Tallieu & Tallieu with whom we develop websites, mailings & communication adapted to the specific needs of artists & art organisations.

EXTRACTIONS 23 - A Two Dogs Company


Setting up exhibitions in collaboration with festivals and exhibitions spaces has no more secrets for us. Starting from a concept, the selection of artists, to communication and all necessary steps leading to the vernissage, from A-Z. We organise exhibitions and we offer the necessary know how of all stages on a conceptual, curatorial, organisational and practical level.

Kiki Smith, Hive, 1999


Networking is a key word, also in the contemporary art world. Over the years we created connections with many actors and creators in the art world and as an intermediary we aim to bring together artists and their audience.

David Bowen, tele-present water_2011 / Collection ZKM, Karlsruhe (D)


Creating a collection that mirrors the specific interest and personality of an individual collector or institution? We know our way in the art world and are offering our services from consultancy to acquisitions. We advise and assist in buying and selling art to create a unique collection from a personal point of view.

Kris Verdonck, DETAIL, 2019 at BOZAR (B) ┬ęKristof Vrancken


Shipping, framing, installing, insurance, conservation and restoration, ... We have the expertise and the network to advise and connect you with the best professionals. We study the art market and thanks to our expertise we value and appraise artworks.

Annelies Van Parys - composer


We represent a selection of professional artists in the field of contemporary visual & performing arts and music. We have a multidisciplinary approach and we represent international and Belgian talent.