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News & Agenda December 2018
Annelies Van Parys
An Archive of Love
Concertgebouw Brugge
19 December 2018 - 20:00
Concertgebouw Brugge (B)

Nothing is more unique than love. But... Claudio Monteverdi was already hunting Amor in Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi, Claude Vivier was frolicking with Eros in his Love Songs, and José Sanchez-Verdu captured Thanatos – courier of the underworld – in Scriptura Antigua. In Annelies Van ParysAh, cette fable an angel gets entangled in an earthly love. As all these little tragedies unfold, the collective archive of love resonates more and more. Echoes attach themselves to these new stories and push them in fresh directions.

Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
soprano: Johanna Zimmer
soprano: Susanne Leitz-Lorey
mezzo: Truike van der Poel
tenor: Martin Nagy
baritone: Guillermo Anzorena
bass: Andreas Fischer 

composition: Annelies Van Parys, José Sanchez-Verdu, Claude Vivier, Claudio Monteverdi a.o. musical arrangements: Annelies Van Parys  concept & musical/textual dramaturgy: Gaea Schoeters stage direction: Gable Roelofsen & Romy Roelofsen (Het Geluid Maastricht) set design: Davy Van Gerven production: Musik der Jahrhunderte & Het Geluid Maastricht in cooperation with Concertgebouw Brugge

An Archive of Love
Teun Vonk
The Physical Mind
Dip Fest - Melkweg
21 December 2018 - 19:00
Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)

With The Physical Mind, Teun Vonk seeks to let participants experience the relation between their physical and mental states by applying physical pressure to the body. The installation consists of two inflatable objects. The participant lays down in between, is lifted up and gently squeezed between the two inflatable objects. The lifting creates an unstable feeling, a slightly stressful sensation that is directly contrasted with a secure feeling of being gently squeezed between two soft objects. Paradoxically, this forced physical stimulus reduces feelings anxiety and paradoxically stress and the flight- or fight-response disappear. The participant experiences an increased sensitivity to stimuli, normalized alertness and a calm state of mind. The positive effects of this increased receptivity can continue for a few hours after the experience. The installation evokes empathy in bystanders who witness a participant undergo the experience.

Dip Fest - Melkweg

Teun Vonk, The Physical Mind ©Luuk Smits
David Bowen
Fly Revolver
Post-Life / Beijing Media Art Biennale touring exhibition
Hanshan Art Museum, Suzhou (ROC)

Until 1 January 2019

fly revolver - 2013
Based on the activities of a collection of houseflies, this device controls a revolver. The flies live inside an acrylic sphere with a target backdrop. As the flies move and interact inside their home they fly in front of and land on the target. These movements are collected via video. The movements are processed with custom software and output to a robotic device that aims the revolver in real-time based on the flies’ relative location on the target. When a single fly is detected the revolver simply follows the movement of that fly. If several flies are in the field of view the software moves the revolver based on the activities of the collective. If a fly is detected in the center of the target the trigger of the revolver is pulled. In this way, the flies are essentially the brain of the device controlling the revolver by determining where it is aimed and when it is fired.


David Bowen, fly revolver, 2013
David Bowen
Minnesota Museum of American Art
Minnesota Museum of American Art, St.-Paul (USA)

Until 12 May 2019

A new installation by David Bowen titled waveline at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, St. Paul. Two real-time video feeds of the waves as they lap the shores 12 time zones apart.

David Bowen, waveline, 2018
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