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News September 2016
Jacques Charlier
Metro Parc, Brussels (B)
16 September 2016
until 25 September 2016
Metro Parc, Brussels (B)

The Brussels' underground is celebrating its 40th birthday with the first arts festival underground: Wunderground. Jacques Charlier is invited to occupy Metro Parc with posters and images from his mise-en-scènes that give an exceptional overview of more than 30 years of the artist's activity.

Jacques Charlier_Libérer Mélusine_2001 (photo: Laurence Charlier)
Lawrence Malstaf - Liv Hanne Haugen
scenography workshop + talk
SAND Festival (NO)
15 September 2016
until 16 September 2016
SAND Festival, Kristiansand (NO)

At SAND Festival, Lawrence Malstaf holds a workshop for young artists, centred around the exploration of an “inflatable” – a bubble filled with air – and the relationship between the life like bubble, space and movement and physical interaction between object, audience and performer. The workshop is in collaboration with contemporary dancer Liv Hanne Haugen, known from Haugen Produksjoner, and electronica musician Per Martinsen.

SAND Festival invited Heine Avdal and Yukio Shinozaki to a talk entitled 'Scenography as co-actor' with Lawrence Malstaf, who is particularly known for his installations which examine advanced technology, movement, and space. 

Lawrence Malstaf_Bubble
Lawrence Malstaf - AMUND SJØLIE SVEEN
Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler (NO)
18 September 2016 - 18:00
Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler (NO)

MELTING is an investigation of various questions related to the scientific, economic and psychological reasons for, and consequences of, our presumed current climate crisis.

Performance: Amund Sjølie Sveen

Installation: Lawrence Malstaf

Music by Slagr 

Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler
Lawrence Malstaf_Overview, 02016_installation for MELTING)
1 July 2016
until 25 September 2016
MU, Eindhoven (NL)

tele-present wind by David Bowen consists of a series of 42 x/y tilting mechanical devices connected to thin dried plant stalks installed in a gallery and a dried plant stalk connected to an accelerometer installed outdoors. The stalks in the gallery space move in real-time and in unison based on the movement of the wind outside.

Aernoudt Jacobs presents Heliophone, an installation which turns sunlight into sound. The installation follows the trajectory of the sun, catching the sunlight and focusing it, via a parabolic lens, onto one point. There, a rotating disk chops the light up into small fragments. A photo-acoustic cell further transforms the light fragments into sound, made audible by a large horn.

MU - Weather or Not
Aernoudt Jacobs_Heliophone_2015
Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf
Event Horizon
Cosmos - Project Daejeon 2016
26 July 2016
until 20 November 2016
Daejeon Museum of Art, South-Korea

The theme of Project Daejeon 2016 is COSMOS. The quest for the origins of life in the universe has inspired many artists. Project Daejeon 2016 has an ambition to break with the stereotypical view of the world and humanity and wishes to give a deeper insight into art and science through various collaborations.

Event Horizon: Dust particles are suspended in a light beam which is slowly scanning a dark room. Visitors can enter wearing a protective gas mask and witness the silent complexity of matter with millions of fragments forming a temporary micro universe. Remote sounds of human masses and activity fill the otherwise empty room.

Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf_Event Horizon_02015
Britt Hatzius
Blind Cinema
STUK Start, Leuven (B)
28 September 2016 - 19:00
until 30 September 2016 - 19:00
STUK, Cinema ZED, Leuven (B)

In the darkness of a cinema space, the audience sits blindfolded. Behind each row of audience members is a row of children who in hushed voices describe a film only they can see. Accompanied by the soundtrack, the whispered descriptions are a fragile, fragmentary and at times struggling but courageous attempt by the children to make sense of what they see projected on the screen for the first time. Blind Cinema makes us aware of the possibilities and limits of language and our imagination.

Each night, the film is performed by a new group of children between 9 and 11 years old. In focusing on that which lies beyond the sense of sight, the attention oscillates between one’s own mind’s eye, guided by the whispering voice, and the shared physical space of the darkened cinema.

In collaboration with Artforum 

Britt Hatzius_Blind Cinema
Anneleen De Causmaecker & Barbara Ardenois
Parklife! Gent Festival van Vlaanderen (B)
25 September 2016 - 11:00
Parkbos portaal 'Grand Noble', Gent (B)

Duobaan plays at Parklife! and will surprise you with small performances ...

Thinking Sense
Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam (NL)
1 October 2016
until 29 October 2016
Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam (NL)

Thinking Sense: the work of a select group of contemporary artists will examine the ways in which sensory experience is anchored in the art of today with Bas van den Hurk, Just Quist, Johan Rijpma, Sema Bekirovic, Marc Nagtzaam, Esther Venrooy, Kok & Deiman, Margret Wibmer a.o. Curator : Saskia Monshouwer 

Kok&Deiman“As digital archeologists Kok and Deiman proceed. Not with a brush the past is gently exposed, but they carefully examine the predicted”.

Thinking Sense
Kok&Deiman_Hatchings (edition)_2016
David Bowen
The Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art, Pittsburgh (US)
20 May 2016
until 12 February 2017
The Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art, Pittsburgh (US)

The twigs in the SPACEJUNK installation by David Bowen point in unison in the direction of the oldest piece of human made space debris currently above the horizon. The debris being tracked are spent rocket bodies, parts from broken satellites and wayward tools launched in missions as far back as 1959. When the piece of debris being tracked drops below the installation’s horizon the twigs go to a rested downward pointing position an await the next debris to appear. The composition of the installation is continually changing as it tracks the oldest discarded objects orbiting the earth that enter its point of view.

The Mattress Factory
David Bowen_SPACEJUNK_2016
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