Jacques Charlier, Peinture à points, 2015

News & Agenda May 2016


Lawrence Malstaf at SPOR 2016 - WYSI(N)WYG - Hermann Nitsch at nitsch museum & Pfingstfest - Annelies Van Parys & Anneleen De Causmaecker at Operadagen Rotterdam - David Bowen at The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh - Lawrence Malstaf in Hybrid Matters at Nikolaj Kunsthall, Copenhagen - Jacques Charlier at MACs Hornu

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Field Recordings

News Annelies Van Parys


'Field Recordings' at Operadagen Rotterdam with Anneleen De Causmaecker, Peter Verhelst, Els Mondelaers, BLOW Duo, Roel Das - 'Wesendonck Lieder Heute' at Operadagen Rotterdam with Het Geluid Maastricht/Kati Morfa - 'Voy a Dormir' by Ensemble Platypus at Echoraum, Vienna (AT)

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Jacques Charlier, Integrity, 2016

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Jacques Charlier: Schilderijen voor iedereen - Peintures pour tous - Paintings for all: exhibition until 22 May 2016. 
Events @ MAC's Hornu: Guided tour on 17 April 2016 + Conversation with Jacques Charlier on 8 May 2016.

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News Lawrence Malstaf


News Lawrence Malstaf: Première Melting with Amund Sjølie Sveen / SLAGR (NO) at BIT Teatergarasjen - Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf with Event Horizon at Mapping Festival - Shrink & Mirror at SPOR festival 2016: WYSI(N)WYG! and FOLDING at Kunsthall Grenland

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Aernoudt Jacobs, Induction Series #4.3 - Tin Space, 2015

News & Agenda March 2016


NEWS: New website: from gallery to art office - Recent acquisition David Bowen at ZKM - Kiki Smith honoured at ISC

AGENDA: Kok&Deiman at MoMart - Aernoudt Jacobs: Tracing Backwards - Annelies Van Parys: And Thou Must Suffer - Lawrence Malstaf at Festival VIA - Lawrence Malstaf & Arco Renz: EAST - Lawrence Malstaf: FOLDING - Annelies Van Parys: Via Crucis - PARCOURS at De Bijloke - Jacques Charlier at MAC's

Lawrence Malstaf, MELTING-scenography

Agenda April 2016


Christoph De Boeck at STRP SCENE #1 - Society of the Senses -  Kok&Deiman at MoMart - Lawrence Malstaf at PERCEPTIONS exposition - David Bowen & Kristina Estell at Pivot art + Culture - Anneleen De Causmaecker & Barbara Ardenois at Duobaan/Sounddish/De Cultuurloft - Lawrence Malstaf & Amund Sjølie Sveen at BIT Teatergarasjen - Annelies Van Parys with Private View at Zwolse theaters & Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ - Jacques Charlier at MAC's (Musée des Arts Contemporains)

Lawrence Malstaf, Tipping Point, 02013

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Up in the Air, Artefact, Leuven - Burning Ice #9, Kaaitheater, Brussels - EAST, scenography for a dance-solo by Arco Renz - Festival VIA & EXIT - Hybrid Matters - Melting, scenography for a performance by Amund Sjølie Sveen

Jacques Charlier - Peintures pour tous @mAC's


Peintures pour tous - Schilderijen voor iedereen - Paintings for all at MAC’s - Musée des Arts Contemporains au Grand-Hornu (B)

Invited by MAC’s for a major exhibition dedicated to him, Jacques Charlier ironically responds with this advertising slogan: paintings for all! "Italian paintings", "fractal paintings" and "indescribable paintings" are the flagship titles of this jukebox-like exhibition. 

Jacques Charlier, Road Art, 2010

News February 2016


Pieter Laurens Mol at Parrotta Contemporary Art Stuttgart - Deuss Music is the new publisher of Annelies Van Parys - Vincent & Lawrence Malstaf at Artefact Festival, STUK Leuven - Kok&Deiman at Art Rotterdam Intersections 2016 - Lawrence Malstaf at Burning Ice#9, Kaaitheater, Brussels - David Bowen at Inter/Access Toronto - Annelies Van Parys with Oxalis at Konzerthaus, Berlin - Jacques Charlier at MAC's - site du Grand Hornu.