The Journey

09.10.2021 - 23.01.2022

the journey - During this journey aboard Research Vessel Falkor, a wide swath of seafloor was scanned using a sophisticated onboard multi-beam sonar depth sensor. The data gathered from the entire journey is converted to an 3D model surfaces of the seafloor underneath the vessel as it transited the Pacific Ocean.
For the installation, these 3D models are carved into individual sections of clear acrylic and set end to end recreating an approximately 25-foot scaled installation of the 2500-mile transit in the gallery space. An RGB led strip installed in the bottom of the acrylic sections and programmed to illuminate a section of the journey chasing across the gallery space. This recreates a sense of movement illustrating the vessels journey across the Pacific Ocean as it scanned the seafloor.

wilderness - Three disposable plastic shopping bags playfully dance in the gallery space articulated by wave data collected on a voyage across the Pacific Ocean.
While in the middle of the enormous ocean, at times, it felt this place was completely untouched by human activities. This delusion was destroyed by the occasional piece of human made debris floating in this vast wilderness. Using an on-board accelerometer, every movement of the ship caused by wave action was collected during the entire journey. This XYZ movement data is directly mapped to the movements of the bags floating in the gallery space creating the effect that the bags are suspended in waves of the Pacific.