Hermann Nitsch - Ritual

14.05.2016 - 04.02.2017

Besides presenting the work of Nitsch, the nitsch museum researches and documents all the works created by the artist. Emphasis is placed on showing interdisciplinary overlaps and influences which have emanated from the very complex conception of the total work of art, the Orgien Mysterien Theater (OMT). Involved in this undertaking are experts from the humanities and cognitive sciences, theology, mythology, psychology, philosophy, cultural and art studies, as well as theatre, performance, actionism, painting, photography, film, music and literature, who in lectures, symposia and publication series reflect on Nitsch’s work in its entirety. Particularly music, essential to the Orgien Mysterien Theater, is being fostered and further developed in cooperation with local music schools and brass bands. To visualize the artistic diversity, both whole work blocks as well as works associated chronologically and thematically are shown in regular turns.