Faith, Hope & Thermodynamics

29.04.2020 - 02.05.2020

Weekly waterfront walks with all THE DOGS IN TOWN with collective howling therapy for the masses. Constructing a large scale improvised MERZBAU HOTEL through collective effort. No plan only gravity! Develop construction work into a choreographic performance for 10 workers Interactive PROPAGANDA SCREEN for collective writing on town square + online media Tallenes Tale /Outdoor LECTURE-PERFORMANCE with statistics and percussion.
The past and future of Tromsø in numbers. 

​Between February and June 2020 STATEX is planning a series of workshops and interventions around the challenges and questions of the Waterfront Laboratory. This research will culminate in a larger performance-based project called ‘Faith Hope and Thermodynamics’ premiering in autumn 2020.

The project is run by the artistic collective Statex, a cross-border group consisting of:
Dance artist/singer: Liv Hanne Haugen.
Writer/dramaturge: Tale Næss.
Visual-artist/scenographer: Lawrence Malstaf
Musician/performance artist: Amund S. Sveen
Director/performer: Jon Tombre

​Supported by: Arts Council Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund,
Tromsø Municipality and KORO/Public Art Norway. 
Partners: 70gr. N Architects, Arctic Arts Festival, The Cultural Fund