Black Box at STRP SCENE #1

01.04.2016 - 01.03.2016

On Friday April 1st, 2016, preparations for the STRP Biennial in 2017 start. First stop is STRP SCENE #1: Society of the Senses at Designhuis, Eindhoven, where the combination of our senses, sensors and technology will decompose in a creative way with the help of artists like Susanna C├ímara Lleret, Jonathan Reus, Christoph De Boeck, Polymorph, Liat Waysbort Salvador & Broad and Kris Verdonck. Through lectures and workshops, movies, music and installations we dive, together with the artists and the audience into the world of senses and sensors. Expected outcome? A lot of questions and exciting ideas for the STRP Biennial 2017.