Work in progress
Brussels (B)

Laura Colmenares Guerra is working on RE/VERSE, the 3rd chapter of the Ríos Trilogy.
RE/VERSE is a Virtual Reality (VR) piece that deepens into the complex situation of Amazonia: The ancestral indigenous populations and the biome of the Rainforest are endangered by the extractive practices operating in the region and the commercialisation of commodities distributed to the rest of the world.

RE/VERSE is conceived to generate a VR experience that underlines the tensions present in the territory by the pressure between the local and global perspectives. Where human, cultural and environmental aspects rub with power, economics and multinational interests in a context of climate stress in which the importance of preserving this unique ecosystem is vital for the survival of the current life on Earth.

Ríos Trilogy 
- Chapter I: RIVERS // AMAZONIA geo-linguistics online application
- Chapter II: RÍOS // sculpture series based on the nineteen major sub-basins of the amazons
-  Chapter III: RE/VERSE - VR

plant bot (working title)


work in progress
Duluth, Minnesota (USA)

With plant bot (working title), David Bowen is creating a time based interactive art installation where the fates, a living plant and a computer are interdependent. Essentially the plant will train a computer using image recognition. Through this process the computer will learn to recognize when the plant needs water, light and food based on images it takes of the plant. If the plant appears healthy, the computer will maintain a regular water/food/light regiment. If the plant does not appear healthy to the computer it will attempt to aid the plant by adjusting to what it “thinks” the plant needs based on the images gathered. As the computer becomes more intelligent and hence more adept at caring for the plant, the plant will conceivably thrive and grow in proportion. If the computer is unsuccessful, conceivably the opposite will occur.

NEVEL 1/66 Scale model

02.06.2022 - 01.08.2022

new edition
Tromsø (NO) & Brussels (B)

Commissioned by the Hamsunsenteret in Norway, Lawrence Malstaf integrated an adapted version of NEVEL 02004/10.

A new version of NEVEL is now permanently installed in the award winning museum designed by the American architect Steven Holl

On this occasion we are launching a limited edition of the scale model 1/66 of NEVEL

NEVEL 1/66 
Hand polished aluminium 
20 x 20 x 6 cm 
Edition of 5 copies + 1 A.P

Price on request:

Lawrence Malstaf

News & Agenda May - June 2022

27.05.2022 - 31.07.2022

Various Locations
Various cities

News & Agenda May - June 2022
World Première Pianoconcerto by Antwerp Symphony Orchestra at Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent & Koningin Elisabethzaal - MEDEA (organ version) by Helikon Quartet - They Have Waited Long Enough at Oranjewoud Festival - Time Machine by EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble at Linos Festival - Residency at Tokyo Arts and Space トーキョーアーツアンドスペース

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23.04.2022 - 08.05.2022

A Two Dogs Company
Brussels (B)

EXTRACTIONS 22 is an exhibition that brings together different artists who work along the themes of extraction and landscapes. The selection of installations, new and mixed media, photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures, performances and music, sketches an image of humankind that seems to have no other choice than to exploit its environment. Extraction does not only mean destruction, or at least not right away. It can also mean cultivation, making land available for growing crops. Nowadays, extraction has degenerated into consumption, a devastating process that is wreaking havoc at micro and macro levels, from our intimate thoughts to the layers of the Earth. EXTRACTIONS 22 is the second edition of this annual exhibition organised by Kris Verdonck / A Two Dogs Company and takes place in the company’s atelier.

Photo credit © Barthélemy Antoine-Lœff, Soleil Noir, installation, 2017

23 April - 8 May 2022
Saturday & Sunday
14:00 - 18:00

With photographs, sculptures, paintings & installations by:
Barthélemy Antoine-Lœff
Alexis Destoop
Justine Emard
Gloria Friedmann
Ritsart Gobyn
Kiki Smith
Kris Verdonck
Cindy Wright

With performances by:
Nick Steur
Kris Verdonck 
Michael Schmid
Yannick Guédon

A Two Dogs Company 
Rue Adolphe Lavallée 41
1080 Molenbeek (B)


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Europalia Trains & Tracks: SCREENS

19.04.2022 - 29.04.2022

Event on train

Just like any other form of transport, the train has altered our perception of distance and space: speed makes distances shorter. Moreover, with the arrival of the Internet, the entire world is just a mouse click away: it comes to us in real time via all sorts of screens. Conversely, we go out into the world with a screen in our hand to record, adjust and share landscapes, monuments, and other landmarks. How does that affect our experience of the here and now? Can we still distinguish the ‘real’ world from the virtual one? For SCREENS, you get on a train and find yourself in another world: the windows of the carriage turn into high resolution screens showing images created in a model train landscape. As you travel along the Belgian railway network, you feel like you are rolling through toy versions of other landscapes and cities. From the ‘real’ world to an unreal, virtual world. As if you are travelling inside Google Maps, or in the Caribbean, thanks to a filter on Zoom... Kris Verdonck perfects illusion in this new immersive video installation. When you get on a train in Screens, you sit inside a real carriage and at the same time you are elsewhere. You are ‘real’ in an artificial toy world. Both here, and not here: an ultimate form of being in transit?  


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22.03.2022 - 26.03.2022

Le Safran, Amiens (F)

NEMO OBSERVATORIUM 02002 by Lawrence Malstaf.
Styrofoam particles are blown around in a big transparent PVC cylinder by 5 strong fans. Visitors can take place one by one on the armchair in the middle of the whirlpool or observe from the outside. On the chair, in the eye of the storm it is calm and safe.Spectacular at first sight, this installation turns out to mesmerise as a kind of meditation machine. One can follow the seemingly cyclic patterns, focus on the different layers of 3D pixels or listen to its waterfall sound. One could call it a training device, challenging the visitor to stay centred and find peace in a fast changing environment. After a while the space seems to expand and one's sense of time deludes.


Land/scape N.1 in F.A.S.T /// Femmes Arts Sciences Technologies

11.03.2022 - 06.03.2022

U.L.B - Université Libre de Bruxelles
High Voltage Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles, Brussels (B)

Ohme invites you to F.A.S.T. Femmes Arts Sciences Technologies, an exhibition shedding light , from an historical and artistic points of view, on the invisibilization of women in the history of art, science and technology. 

Land/scape N.1 by Laura Colmenares Guerra is the first of a series of installations/sculptures, based on ongoing research that deals with the notion of landscape in relation to the Western conceptions of nature and natural. The series explores how these geopolitical concepts are found in the periphery of what we consider artificial structures or conceived by the Human. The notion of nature that arises from the relationship between aesthetics and geography involves a narrative constructed both visually and linguistically. Both logics, the representation and the categorization of the world, correspond to a utilitarian ethic. They encode, categorize a visual order and generate hierarchy.

The strategy of framing material reality transforms the environment into a mental structure through which the subject in the West establishes its relationship with the cosmos. The notion of landscape cannot be reduced to its physical reality, or to the natural sceneries it represents; it is actually extra – natural, it conveys the particular relationship between society and its environment.

Laura Colmenares Guerra

Newsletter Annelies Van Parys

22.02.2022 - 28.05.2022

Various Locations
B & NL

Annelies Van Parys / News & Agenda February - March 2022
IVO VAN HOVE / MUZIEKTHEATER TRANSPARANT // DAGBOEK VAN EEN VERDWENENE at DE SINGEL International Arts Centre, Antwerp (B) - CHANTS D'AUVERGNE | OXALYS at Cultuurcentrum Ter Dilft, Bornem (B) - World Creation: ECO... DEL VUOTO (in memoriam Luc Brewaeys) by Concertgebouworkest at Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam (NL) - World Creation: Pianoconcerto by Antwerp Symphony Orchestra at Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent & Koningin Elisabethzaal, Antwerp (B) - Article in de lage landen / the low countries

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tele-present wind at Mois Multi 2022

09.02.2022 - 27.02.2022

Quebec (CA)

At first glance, tele-present wind (2018)  by David Bowen could be perceived as a plant-like oddity composed of 126 dried plant branches mounted on metal rods. This undulating symphony is actually orchestrated by the wind’s blow, the intensity of which is captured via anemometers located in Minnesota, USA. This reconstituted mini-forest, acting as the promise of a somewhat disturbing mechanical future, rises and sways in unison, giving the scene a strange aura: that of a still life yet very much alive. The sound of the moving metal rods, like leaves caressed by the breeze, reinforces the organic spirit of the installation. tele-present wind is in fact a shifted representation of fluid dynamics, the main subject here being the observation of the movement of wind.

Mois Multi
David Bowen