Plan Your Art Trip to Brussels

19.04.2017 - 26.04.2017

Brussels (B)
Various locations

Plan your art visit to Brussels between 19 and 26 April 2017 and discover a contemporary art programme with exhibitions, art fairs, performances and events. 

Download our art plan here and combine your visit to WIELS, Art Brussels, Independent & Poppositions with the exhibition Où sont les sons? Where Are Sounds? at CENTRALE for Contemporary Art, the installation Heliophone by Aernoudt Jacobs at Musical Instruments Museum and the performance Nachtelijk Symposium at KVS.

Enjoy your art trip to Brussels!

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Où sont les sons? Where Are Sounds? - Extra Muros

19.04.2017 - 02.07.2017

Musical Instruments Museum
Brussles (B)

Heliophone by Aernoudt Jacobs is a sound work in which a tone is continually modulated according to the intensity of sunlight. 

Musical Instruments Museum


07.04.2017 - 14.08.2017

Dox, Centre for Contemporary Art
Prague (CZ)

tele-present water  by David Bowen is featured in Big Bang DataThis installation draws information from the intensity and movement of the water in a remote location. 

DOX Prague
David Bowen

nuitnumérique #14 kinestezi

11.03.2017 - 24.05.2017

Saint-Ex - Centre Culturel Numérique
Reims (F)

Compass, 02005 is an orientation machine to wear around your waist. It directs you left and right while walking. It guides you through virtual corridors, rooms and doors programmed in the physical exhibition space, or any location. The apparatus imposes an attraction or repulsion on your waist, like you are in a magnetic field. You can explore this environment and discover a tactile architecture. The machine is programmed to make you follow an invisible map but you can choose between resisting to the machine or giving in and letting yourself be guided.

Saint-Ex Reims

Het Kanaal / Crossing Borders

17.02.2017 - 19.02.2017

Antwerpen (B)

On a beach near Calais a young refugee prepares himself to swim across the Channel, towards his new future. 
The new text by author Gaea Schoeters is mirrored by recently recovered Shakespeare-text. Composer Annelies Van Parys uses the Shakespeare-text as a libretto for a cycle of songs, which set the refugee theme in a historical perspective. 
Scenography by Anneleen De Causmaecker.

Opera XXI, Antwerpen (B): 24 April 2017

Opera Days Rotterdam (NL): 11 - 13 May 2017

Muziektheater Transparant
Queer Arts Festival
Het Geluid Maastricht
Opera Days Rotterdam



Grand Theatre
Groningen (NL)

MELTING is an investigation of various questions related to the scientific, economic and psychological reasons for, and consequences of, our presumed current climate crisis.

Grand Theatre Groningen
Lawrence Malstaf
Amund Sjølie Sveen

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12.01.2017 - 09.04.2017

Telfair Museums, Jepson Center
Savannah (US)

water surface and 46°41'58.365" lat. -91°59'49.0128" long. @ 30m  by David Bowen are included in Re-embodied: From Information to Sculpture a group exhibition at the Telfair Museum in Savannah (US).


24.11.2016 - 18.12.2016

Forum Box
Helsinki (FI)

Lawrence Malstaf his proposal FOLDING stems from a research project on traditional origami techniques and contemporary 3D modeling software and explores the borderline between representation and abstraction. The aim is to accumulate a series of full scale kinetic sculptures based on 3D scans of the exhibition visitors. The sculptures expand and shrink according to motion patterns of the public in the space. Thus the visitors are reanimating the abstracted models of earlier visitors and create a responsive choir of breathing avatars. A metaphor for the blurring boundaries between animate nature and inanimate simulation and modeling technology.

Hybrid Matters - Production Grant

Hybrid Matters - Touring Exhibition

 Forum Box, Helsinki (FI) 

Première 'Perspectives' - Quatuors de Quatuors


Ars Musica Festival
Eglise Protestante, Place du Musée 2, Brussels (B)

'Perspectives', a creation for four string-quartets by Annelies Van Parys. Commissioned by Ars Musica. With Quatuor Zerkalo, Quatuor MP4, Quatuor Donnacorda, Quatuor Amon.

Ars Musica Festival

Première PUST / Exhale


DanseFestival Barents
Arctic Culture Centre, Hammerfest (NO)

This project has its starting point in a movement we all share: breathing. Through dance, installation art and electronic music and by roles between performer and audience which are sliding and shifting, we hope to move from an I to a we, from individual to community. The project seeks to strengthen the self-esteem through community as a starting point. A multitude of unique breath. The project seeks to create a space where the public will own habits and BREATHE conscious to contribute to greater freedom of action, individually and collectively.

Idea: Liv Hanne Haugen - Concept: Lawrence Malstaf and Liv Hanne Haugen - Composer and musician: Per Martinsen - Installation and light: Lawrence Malstaf - Dance and voice: Liv Hanne Haugen - Text: Vibeke Thorp - Producer: Anne Katrine Haugen - Consultant: Margunn Kilde - Production: Haugen Productions

DanseFestival Barents