Kiki Smith honoured

29.02.2016 - 29.02.2016

International Sculpture Center
Hamilton, NJ (US)

Kiki Smith honoured with the International Sculpture Center’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2016.

The ISC's Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individual sculptors who have made exemplary contributions to the field of sculpture.

Peintures pour tous @MAC's

27.02.2016 - 22.05.2016

MAC's - Musée des Arts Contemporains au Grand-Hornu
Hornu (B)

Invited by MAC’s for a major exhibition dedicated to him, Jacques Charlier ironically responds with this advertising slogan: paintings for all! "Italian paintings", "fractal paintings" and "indescribable paintings" are the flagship titles of this jukebox-like exhibition. The aim? To show off their colours, and escape into this ‘radical eclecticism’ in the market, which artists who always use the same ‘tubes’ epitomise. A method? Caricature and pastiche which he administers in such a masterly fashion to the art world, like a spanking. His catchphrase? Spare the rod, spoil the child: because paintings enchant Charlier as much as they disillusion him.

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Catalogue Peinture pour Tous

27.02.2016 - 22.05.2016

Hornu (B)

Tentoonstellingscatalogus Jacques Charlier, Peintures pour tous.
Teksten van Denis Gielen, Laurent Busine en Sergio Bonati; gesprek met de kunstenaar. 
Kartonnen kaft, 27 x 21 cm, 96 pagina’s, 60 illustraties. 
ISBN 978-2-930368-65-8

Catalogue de l’exposition Jacques Charlier, Peintures pour tous.
Textes de Denis Gielen, Laurent Busine et Sergio Bonati, entretien avec l’artiste. 
Couverture cartonnée, format 27 x 21 cm, 96 pages, 60 illustrations.
ISBN 978-2-930368-65-8

MAC's, Hornu (B)



Berlin (D)

Henri Duparc's songs - 'Invitation au voyage', 'Phidylé' & 'Le manoir de Rosemonde' - arranged by Annelies Van Parys and performed by Oxalys Ensemble & Christianne Stotijn, mezzo-soprano.

Konzerthaus Berlin

46°41'58.365" LAT. -91°59'49.0128" LONG. @ 30M

17.02.2016 - 02.04.2016

Toronto (CA)

46°41'58.365" lat. -91°59'49.0128" long. @ 30m by David Bowen refers to the source location where the water surface data was collected for this series. An autonomous aerial vehicle hovering 30 meters above the surface of Lake Superior scanned the water. For this series of five, the vehicle was deployed to the same location on different days and in different weather conditions. The collected data was used to carve a series of cylindrical three-dimensional models in clear acrylic with a CNC router. This process captured the dynamic movements of the waves and ripples from a specific time and location and suspended this ever-changing water pattern into a static transparent form.


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Burning Ice #9 - Kaaitheater

16.02.2016 - 20.02.2016

Brussels (B)

During BURNING ICE #9 Lawrence Malstaf presents an adapted version of Tipping Point. A large water-filled disc carefully balances on top of a steel support, tilting up and down. An air bubble slowly travels around, disrupting the disc’s balance.

Malstaf shows how small changes can generate enormous consequences. The findings of the Norwegian Polar Institute were his starting point. They investigated the impact of human activity on the arctic ecosystem. Air and water are the main elements in this vast yet delicate thermodynamic process.

New Acquisition: tele-present water


Karlsruhe (D)

ZKM acquired the installation tele-present water by David Bowen for the permanent collection.

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Artefact: Up in the Air

09.02.2016 - 21.02.2016

Leuven (B)

In the installation Event Horizon dust particles are suspended in a beam of light that is slowly scanning a dark room. Visitors are invited to wear a protective gas mask and witness the silent complexity of matter with millions of fragments forming a temporary micro-universe. Conscious of one’s own breath, matter is taking centre stage, dancing in the light and airstreams of the black box with remote sounds of human masses and activity filling the otherwise empty room.

With environmental challenges, population growth and our ever-expanding needs in mind, the brothers Malstaf sought a way to zoom out and contemplate our temporary existence on spaceship Earth. The aim: ‘Making a work with a minimum amount of material and the biggest possible spatial impact.’ 

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Deuss Music
Den Haag (NL)

Deuss Music just announced a new publishing agreement with Flemish composer Annelies Van Parys, effective immediately. 

Deuss Music


11.10.2015 - 27.12.2015

Stavelot (B)

'... Seduced by the generous offer of the Triangle Bleu gallery of curating and presenting an exhibition, Jacques Charlier has made a selection of artists, both young and less young, who in their work remain insensitive to external pressures ... Recommended for lovers of the unexpected.' (Stephen Falk)

Galerie Triangle Bleu

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