David Bowen - spacejunk

News & Agenda September 2022


David Bowen at Beeler Gallery, Columbus, Ohio (USA) - Annelies Van Parys at Biennale Musica 2022 / La Biennale di Venezia (IT) - Lawrence Malstaf at Trondheim Kunstmuseum (NO) - Annelies Van Parys at September Me, Amersfoort (NL) - Kris Verdonck at Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing (F) - Residencies Laura Colmenares Guerra at Labverde (BR) & Fondation Martell (F) - New installation by David Bowen

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Aernoudt Jacobs - Heliophone © Aneil Karia

Listen to the sun!


HELIOPHONE by Aernoudt Jacobs
Everyone knows that sound needs a medium to propagate sound waves. There is no sound in a vacuum. In space there is no sound, absolute silence will never exist for us either. Silence is a relative phenomenon, an ideal state. 

What would happen if there was no vacuum in space? What would be the sound in space like? It is probably a good thing that there is no sound in space. The species on earth would have certainly evolved with a different set of ears. 

Heliophone is an installation which turns sunlight into sound. In order to create this installation, Jacobs researched the ‘photo-acoustic principle’ as discovered by Alexander Graham Bell. Bell proved that a strong light source can be converted into an acoustic wave and, moreover that any material comes with a sonority that will be revealed by hitting it with a strong periodically interrupted beam of light. The principle of Heliophone is simple: energy from the sun is transformed into sound without electronic amplification. In the design, however, Jacobs combines an array of traditional and cutting-edge technologies. Heliophone follows the trajectory of the sun, catching the sunlight and focusing it, via a parabolic lens, onto one point. There, a rotating disk chops the light up into small fragments. A photo-acoustic cell further transforms the light fragments into sound, made audible by a large horn.

With Heliophone, a sound piece is created for the sun; the tonality changes constantly with the intensity of light. This way, the notion of ‘environmental sounds’ gains an entirely different connotation.


David Bowen - plant drone

News & Agenda June 2022


David Bowen at Share Festival, Torino (IT) - Annelies Van Parys at Oranjewoud Festival (NL) - A Two Dogs Company / Kris Verdonck at NTGent (B) - A Two Dogs Company / Kris Verdonck at HISK/Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten/Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Brussels (B) - Laura Colmenares Guerra: RE/VERSE (work in progress) - David Bowen: plant bot (working title) - Lawrence Malstaf: NEVEL 1/66 (new edition)

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News April & May 2022


Kris Verdonck with SCREENS on the Belgian railway network - EXTRACTIONS 22 exhibition & performances at A Two Dogs Company - Annelies Van Parys world première Pianoconcerto by Antwerp Symphony Orchestra - Lawrence Malstaf with SEAGULL FOUNTAIN, a new work in progress - In Memoriam Hermann Nitsch 1938 - 2022

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A Two Dogs Company

News & Agenda March 2022


Lawrence Malstaf with Nemo Observatorium at Les Safra'numériques - Annelies Van Parys arr. Chants d'Auvergne by Oxalys - Annelies Van Parys World Creation Eco… del vuoto by Concertgebouworkest Amsterdam - Online lecture by Lawrence Malstaf & Conversations 02012 at ZHI Art Museum - Upcoming at Europalia Trains & Tracks SCREENS by Kris Verdonck

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Lawrence Malstaf - Boreas 02007

News & Agenda February 2022


Lawrence Malstaf in SLOW (36h) at Concertgebouw Brugge (B) - David Bowen at Mois Multi, Québec (CA) - Laura Colmenares Guerra in F.A.S.T, Brussels (B) - DEMO, short film by Kris Verdonck in production - Composer Annelies Van Parys Is in Love With the Very Essence of Sound (article)

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Lawrence Malstaf - CONVERSATIONS 02012 © YI_ZHI_Chengdu

News & Agenda November 2021


Kris Verdonck / A Two Dogs Company & KASK present: The Lost Ones (after Samuel Beckett) - David Bowen with cloud piano in Piano is not dead at Le Tetris, Le Havre (F) - Annelies Van Parys with Lost & Found (EUROPALIA) at Brussels Central & Antwerp Central Station (B) - David Bowen with growth rendering device in Artifice Numérique #4: Végetalisons at Le Hublot, Nice (F)  - Lawrence Malstaf with Conversations 02012 at ZHI Art Museum, Chengdu (ROC) - Lawrence Malstaf developing works for Hamsunsenteret in Hamarøy (NO)

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© David Bowen - the journey (detail) & wilderness (detail)

News October 2021


Laura Colmenares Guerra in "Hack-à-deux" at BOZAR, Brussels (B) - David Bowen at MMAM, Winona, Minnesota (USA)

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Laura Colmenares Guerra - RÍOS Chapter II

News September 2021


Laura Colmenares Guerra with LAGUNAS  and RÍOS TRILOGY in the exhibition HYPER NATURE at Scopitone 2021 , Nantes (F) - Lawrence Malstaf with CONVERSATIONS 02012 in the exhibition YI - A Chair at ZHI Art Museum, Chengdu (ROC)

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New website Lawrence Malstaf


The work of Lawrence Malstaf (1972, Bruges, Belgium) is situated on the borderline between the visual and the theatrical. He develops installation and performance art with a strong focus on movement, coincidence, order and chaos, and immersive sensorial rooms for individual visitors. He also creates larger mobile environments dealing with space and orientation, often using the visitor as a co-actor. His projects involve physics and technology as a point of departure or inspiration and as a means for activating installations. 

Tallieu Art Office teamed up with Tallieu & Tallieu to create a new website for Lawrence Malstaf.


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