Haugen Productions


28.09.2017 - 01.08.2017

Dansens Hus
Oslo (NO)

To breathe is the first and last we do.
We breathe about 1000 liters a day. Without breath, no life.

Three performers walk on huge grey materials that slowly rise under them. When fully inflated the audience is invited inside the 12 x 18m big bubble and sees a body in ever shifting colours floating like a cocoon over their heads.
This is the start of the performance PUST/EXHALE that aims to bring attention to breathing as an interactive element, connecting us all. 

Dansens Hus

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Première PUST / Exhale


DanseFestival Barents
Arctic Culture Centre, Hammerfest (NO)

This project has its starting point in a movement we all share: breathing. Through dance, installation art and electronic music and by roles between performer and audience which are sliding and shifting, we hope to move from an I to a we, from individual to community. The project seeks to strengthen the self-esteem through community as a starting point. A multitude of unique breath. The project seeks to create a space where the public will own habits and BREATHE conscious to contribute to greater freedom of action, individually and collectively.

Idea: Liv Hanne Haugen - Concept: Lawrence Malstaf and Liv Hanne Haugen - Composer and musician: Per Martinsen - Installation and light: Lawrence Malstaf - Dance and voice: Liv Hanne Haugen - Text: Vibeke Thorp - Producer: Anne Katrine Haugen - Consultant: Margunn Kilde - Production: Haugen Productions

DanseFestival Barents

Premiere 'State & Ecstasy'


Harstad (NO)

'State & Ecstasy' is a performance with dance, installation, music, poetry: five artists dig into collectivity, both politically and existentially. The result is a subjective and beautiful examination of individualisation and freedom, and a fervent desire - both in art and politics - to achieve a collective ecstasy.

With Amund Sjølie Sveen, Lawrence Malstaf, Jon Tombre, Liv Hanne Haugen and Tale Næss.

FINN, Harstad (NO)