Christoph De Boeck

Où sont les sons? / Where are sounds?

19.04.2017 - 10.09.2017

Centrale for Contemporary Art
Brussels (B)

Where Are Sounds? is an exhibition put together by Nicole Gingras, an independent curator interested in the links between sound and image, and in listening as a means of relating to the world. With regard to this exhibition, the curator comments: “Where are sounds? Where are they going? This double question, so simple at first sight, reveals several essential aspects specific to listening, including the predispositions of listeners at all sound events. The exhibition also allows us to examine the ways in which sounds manifest themselves and travel through a given site, in public places or during our daily wanderings. Several artists have explored these issues. Some work in sound, probing the intensity of sonic masses, while others are interested in noise or aural traces; still others focus on silence, the near-inaudible or imperceptible. Finally, some convert a sound phenomenon into an object, a sculpture or temporal experience. Where Are Sounds? suggests that it is not only possible to hear a sound, but also to see it, touch it, be pervaded by it.”

With Christoph De Boeck (B), Raymond Gervais (CA), Aernoudt Jacobs (B), Anne-Françoise Jacques (CA), Rolf Julius (D), Yann Leguay (F/B) et Gaétan Rusquet (B), Bernhard Leitner (AT), Lawrence Malstaf (B/NO), Dominique Petitgand (F), Martin Tétreault (CA) and dieb13 (AT), Davide Tidoni (IT/B), Katerina Undo (GR/B). 

Centrale for Contemporary Art

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Black Box at STRP SCENE #1

01.04.2016 - 01.03.2016

Eindhoven (NL)

STRP SCENE #1 - Society of the Senses

Black Box by Christoph De Boeck is a wooden object with a cut-out in its base made to fit your head. The object becomes an interface: eight contact points transfer audio onto your skull. You will hear how the space surrounding you invades your head even when you cover your ears. Gradually all concrete aspects are removed until all that is left is a click that dances across the inner side of your skull.

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