Aernoudt Jacobs

Akoetrope at Fiber Festival - Neighbouring Frequencies

02.06.2024 - 02.06.2024

De Brakke Grond
Amsterdam (NL)

Aernoudt Jacobs presents the Dutch premiere of “Akoetrope”. A unique and self-developed rotating sound machine, which is both an intuitive device and scientific strategy for understanding the persistence of sound cognition. The device is freely inspired from the Phénakisticope/Zoetrope devices that were invented around 1833 that use the phenomenon of iconic memory (or persistence of vision) to create a moving image in the human brain. 

In the sonic domain we can find a relatively similar phenomenon called ‘echoic memory’ – sounds which resonate in the mind and are replayed for a brief amount of time shortly after being heard. Both phenomena rely on short term sensory memory information that lingers on the threshold between perceiving and remembering.

Other featured performance artists: Maria Komarova, Amos Peled, Suzan Peeters, Myra-Ida van der Veen

FIBER Festival

What Dogs Hear - Sound installation & performance

16.06.2023 - 18.06.2023

MG+ Moderna Galerija / Museum of Modern Art

What Dogs Hear consists of a vocal mimesis of imperceptible signals, sound waves and radio waves beyond human hearing range. Aernoudt Jacobs will perform this work with Slovenian vocalists in the form of an installation and several performances in Ljubljana for a wide audience of babies, children and adults. The tangibility of bodily sounds will get a focus during the performances. The performers' vocalizations will be heard through stethoscopes and amplified through a foil speaker that can be manipulated by the audience.

In the framework of B-AIR
Performed by Tisa Neža Herlec, Žiga Jenko, Tea Vidmar, Ina Puntar and Aernoudt Jacobs
Co-produced by KUD Mreža/Nataša Serec, RTVSLO, B-AIR, r25b4
With the support of Flanders State of the Art

Aernoudt Jacobs

Glass Vibration Gaze

07.04.2023 - 09.04.2023

Rewire Festival 2023 - Proximity Music
Den Haag (NL)

Aernoudt Jacobs, Glass Vibration Gaze, 2023

The site-specific work Glass Vibration Gaze transforms window panes into an installation merging architecture and music. Electronically generated musical patterns are induced into the windows using audio transducers. Stethoscopes attached to the windows function as microscopic listening devices which allow visitors to eavesdrop on the sonic world inside the glass, while observing the flow of city life outside. 

Aernoudt Jacobs is a Belgian artist working primarily with the medium of sound. His work is both phenomenological and empirical. It has its origins in acoustic and technological research and investigates how sounds can trigger sonic processes that will affect the observer's scope of perception. His work focuses on a central question: how can we experience the complexity, richness and stratification of our direct, daily environment?

Glass Vibration Gaze is commissioned by Rewire in collaboration with iii and Amare.

Rewire Festival 2023 - Proximity Music
Aernoudt Jacobs

Où sont les sons? Where Are Sounds? - Extra Muros

19.04.2017 - 02.07.2017

Musical Instruments Museum
Brussles (B)

Heliophone by Aernoudt Jacobs is a sound work in which a tone is continually modulated according to the intensity of sunlight. 

Musical Instruments Museum

Où sont les sons? / Where are sounds?

19.04.2017 - 10.09.2017

Centrale for Contemporary Art
Brussels (B)

Where Are Sounds? is an exhibition put together by Nicole Gingras, an independent curator interested in the links between sound and image, and in listening as a means of relating to the world. With regard to this exhibition, the curator comments: “Where are sounds? Where are they going? This double question, so simple at first sight, reveals several essential aspects specific to listening, including the predispositions of listeners at all sound events. The exhibition also allows us to examine the ways in which sounds manifest themselves and travel through a given site, in public places or during our daily wanderings. Several artists have explored these issues. Some work in sound, probing the intensity of sonic masses, while others are interested in noise or aural traces; still others focus on silence, the near-inaudible or imperceptible. Finally, some convert a sound phenomenon into an object, a sculpture or temporal experience. Where Are Sounds? suggests that it is not only possible to hear a sound, but also to see it, touch it, be pervaded by it.”

With Christoph De Boeck (B), Raymond Gervais (CA), Aernoudt Jacobs (B), Anne-Françoise Jacques (CA), Rolf Julius (D), Yann Leguay (F/B) et Gaétan Rusquet (B), Bernhard Leitner (AT), Lawrence Malstaf (B/NO), Dominique Petitgand (F), Martin Tétreault (CA) and dieb13 (AT), Davide Tidoni (IT/B), Katerina Undo (GR/B). 

Centrale for Contemporary Art

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MU - 'Weather or Not' group exhibition

01.07.2016 - 25.09.2016

Torenallee 40-06 (Strijp-S), Eindhoven (NL)

Sun, wind and rain enter the exhibition space in unexpected, poetic ways. Measurements and weather in uences are translated into images, movement and sound. The weather becomes something more personal, more tangible. As our amazement grows, so does the feeling of human insigni dance versus the complexity and unpredictability of the climate system: we set things in motion but we clearly can’t oversee the consequences. Meanwhile, come rain or shine, MU continues to keep a weather eye on any relevant developments!

Weather or Not

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